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The countersunk head with cutting pockets prevents damage by biggypsum
November 6th, 2018, 8:35 pm
Which is due to be Deck Screws Manufacturers in April this year. HCS 4.For high loads in timber construction – HECO-TOPIX&174;

full threaded screws 10 February 2017 The screw specialist HECO-Schrauben GmbH & Co KG has expanded its range of wood screws with the addition of a full threaded screw.The new HECO-TOPIX® full threaded screws have a continuous full thread, which extends up to the screw’s head, thus ensuring that high-tensile and compressive forces can be transferred.

Owing to their high thread pitch, HECO says, that the new full threaded screws can be driven in quickly and their low driving torque ensures effortless installation.

The countersunk head with cutting pockets prevents damage to the connector and ensures an even finish of the screw connection. This facilitates a wide range of applications. The HECO-Drive, with precisely coordinated drive and bit, facilitates efficient force transmission and easy positioning of the HECO-TOPIX full threaded screws.. Coordinated product range and precise planning HECO-TOPIX full threaded screws are blue zinc plated and are available in the diameters 8mm/10mm and in lengths from 120mm to 380mm.